Parking aircraft, changing pilot

Yes, a new interesting idea!

Player A has finished his/her own flight and then left the plane in front of the gate. And then player B will check the airport and take control of aircraft.

What will it bring to us? We can see many many parked aircrafts that so similar as real life. Details could be changed due to discussions.
Problem: All gates are loaded
Solution: there could be max timeouts for those aircrafts or gate restrictions. And maybe ground Atc can have authority to clean aircrafts which are waiting so longer in front of gates.

So if there are parked aircrafts how will the user in live be able to spawn if all the gates are filled.Although this could be a good idea for solo.

This is more of a duplicate in my opinion.


Shared cockpits…

Shared cockpit is not my topic. It is not duplicate. This is different crew and a new flight request. Unless an aircraft has been left, there cannot be a possibility to take control of aircraft. I say again, this is not duplicate… i dont offer co-pilot.

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Technically, yes it is. The cockpits can be accessed by others, shared cockpits.

He isn’t talking about that he means like how random planes are parked at the gates in aerofly2 not shared cockpits.


Ohhhhh. I don’t think that would work. Due to liverys and such.

He really isn’t talking about shared cockpits.

He is basically talking about pilot shifts. Like, he can drop off his aircraft at the gate, and then another user can reserve the flight.

I honestly think this feature should be held to Expert as well, so people on training or casual servers don’t troll with the system.

However, there could be a downside to this. Although, my arguement could be counterargued by your statement:

The downside could be that there would be too many aircraft on the ground at once, causing connection issues, and processor issues for the device being used. Saving all of the aircrafts at gates would most likely cause lag for older devices, and some newer devices.

Like I said before, though, this could be solved by adding a aircraft timeout like you suggested.



You are right. And might be devs could find more and more solutions. Finding a solution is easy, the hard one is technical abilities for feature. I hope it is not so hard.


Nice and interesting idea. Although I do think it’s more a nice to have as opposed to a giant improvement in IF.

The timeout has to be in there, or indeed gates will end up filled with empty aircrafts.

A pilot who wants to Fly in IF, can choose whether to spawn in his own aircraft at a free gate, or grab an aircraft that is already parked. To help him selecting the right aircraft, he will need to be able to see the aircraft type and livery.

Additional idea
Beside the ATC and pilots, introduce a new role ‘Flight Manager’. This new role, that can be selected in IF, finds empty aircrafts, and sets the destination and flight plan. A pilot who wants to fly, then searches not only for an empty aircraft and livery, but also it’s destination.

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This is called would be facilitated by a thing called persistence. It’s something we are talking about internally a lot 🙂


I always thought about this but thought no one would agree with me but It’s nice to see other people think the same thing. You got my support

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being ‘player B’ and taking over a plane rather than starting a new flight could give some extra XP as an incentive cuz otherwise… at least i know I would just say f that and start a new flight. good idea though

I guess it won’t be so hard to apply into the game. And maybe after that we can see aircraft history in the future. It can open some more way to develop game. But basic idea is to provide realism.

I can’t understand, this feature will be one of amazing thing for IF that will allow people to get more realism but it has only 5 votes.

Maybe this should be limited to VA pilots, since people that aren’t part of a VA might not want this. And maybe they should only have this feature when they are flying for their VA.

I don’t think that this is about VA or nonVa

What happens if nobody wants certain planes at certain gate??// all this bit too much for flight sim at the moment…airport parking is not like car parks, it’s slot.

This is a simulator and it exist in real life. Also i don’t argue, i just wondered about the case.

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