Paris vs New York

Which region is better?

I’m going to go with new York just because there is a better variation of airports that have a nice distance in between them compare to Paris airport that are rather close to each other.

  • New York
  • Paris
  • both

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I say New York because it has more airports

Paris is bigger

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I’d assume both

The Paris region does have different terrain which is nice to see for a change, however it’s rarely busy on Live.


I say New York.

New York✌ I’ve probably flown here many times more than Paris…i can actually count the No of times I’ve flown in Paris maybe four to Eight

Remember why Paris is almost a ghost city (I mean region)…

Less commercial airports and so on… Maybe if in the past it was merged with London and Amsterdam then perhaps it would’ve seen some activity but since now GF is on its way, we wouldn’t be worrying so much anyway

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