Paris to Santiago in the Air France A350-900

Welcome to this screenshots and videos topic!

Hello all! Today I did a long flight from LFPG to SCEL. It was a nice flight, with beautiful views and calm winds. Enjoy the pictures!

Flight information

Flight time: 13:52
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 (A359)
Callsign: Air France 233AK Heavy
Server: expert
Altitude(s): FL340; FL360; FL380; FL400
Mach speed: M 0.85

The screenshots

At the gate with an A220 taking off

Taking off as one of my brothers has just finished pushing back

Climbing over Paris with a straight-out departure

The sun has set over the Atlantic…

And now the sun is rising over Brazil!

L’hippocampe ailé, or the winged seahorse, has officially crossed the Chilean border.

Intercepting the localizer

On final

Landing at Santiago after 14 hours of travel

Parked at the gate with @AviatorLewis taxiing

Thanks for reading/looking/whatever you did, let me know your favorite screenshot in the replies! Can you spot the strobe shot and the beacon shot? Tell me where they are 👀


Nice shots ! I love the sunrise !

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Man awesome photos!

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Thank you! You can’t imagine how long it took for me to get the right angle and then edit the lighting on the aircraft afterwards…

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Thank you very much!

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Ya, I bet it took awhile.

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I totally understand you !

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Que gran vuelo hacia chile, buen clima ya que es verano 🇨🇱❤️


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Yes it was quite a nice flight, we were indeed getting a lot of sun!

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