Paris Region map

Hi guys, someone has the map of Paris region in IF ?


Why’d ya ask?

I do. So do many others.


I have it too

Can you post a screenshot plz ?

Of what? CDG? The whole map?

The whole map ;), From ATC if you can

Okey dokey, coming right away.

Thank you !

What is the airport on the top left above LFOP ?

Rouen Airport.

#Paris Region - Overview


Infinite Flight’s Paris, France Region is a small(ish) sized region consisting of the area of Frnace around Paris. It is a flat, low lying region with slightly higher areas around the edges of the map.


Paris, France’s main airports are around the large metropolitan area of Paris. The main airport in the region is Charles De Gaulles Intl - CDG / LFPG. Paris - Le Bourget airport is where the Paris Air Show is held.


The largest aircraft in Paris will be found at Charles De Gaulles. This is the only airport in the map that can realistically hold the Airbus A380. The other commercial airports have less traffic and less aircraft.

General Aviation has a sprawling selection of airports to choose from throughout the whole map, some detailed down to the last minute, some not at all.


Paris on all three regions is rarely used (both flights and ATC), however when traffic does pick up it can get very busy! It is a rare occasion though. It’s not the best airport if you like heavy traffic flow.

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I have it:) but no one fly there:(

I do fly there :) but no one flies with me. I am alone with my Air France 😢

You’re simply too patriotic ;)

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There are all airports in Paris + a map.

Kilt’s site pretty much has a screenshot of every region so just go back from where you are on the page linked above :)