Paris Orly Airport Evacuated 18/3/2017

Just the way European people do it mate

Oh ok, didn’t realize that thanks for letting me know! :)

I’m flying a 777 from ATL to CDG on Wednesday! Other than striking air traffic controllers and people shooting each other at the nearby airport, it’s all good. Oh wait - that’s just another day flying to France! Fortunately, the croissants and crepes are worth the hassle! ✈️

its been like that for the last 6 months nothing new…

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Well, I am a foreigner in France so i don’t know that stuff

i dont live in france and i know that lol

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but in you defense i like world politics and keep up with this kindof stuff


You still remember what happened in Brussels Airport last year?

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No what happened there?

Terrorist shooting killed a good lot of people

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Wow, why do people do this

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