Paris Orly Airport Evacuated 18/3/2017

Breaking news has just come in that Paris Orly Airport has been evacuated because a man has been shot. For those of you who don’t know Paris Orly is the second airport in France

What are your thoughts?


That’s rather careless of the soldier, letting him take the gun.


I find it pretty easy to say when you weren’t there to actually witness the event. Our Vigipirate soldiers are mostly volunteers who often have another job. They’re not trained as professional soldiers. I personally think the patrol did pretty well considering their minimal training.


I agree but the one thing is what was that guy even thinking to take the gun off him


That’s what the investigation will have to determine.


They don’t mess around in France when it comes to security

OMG! I’m visiting Paris right now and flying home tomorrow! Thankfully I’m flying out of Chuck D. Galle(this is the name my dad calls the airport)


No wander there are hundreds of cops around me right now in Paris

The whole point of security anywhere is that you don’t.

What counts now is the immediate response, which French authorities have handled well. All innocent people were kept safe so I offer up maximum kudos to those security forces. The “who, what and why” will be worked out through an exhaustive investigation no doubt.


Why is there even soldiers at the airport

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France is still in a state of national emergency, and has been Ever since the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, which was carried out by ISIS members.


Because if there arent, another terrorist attack could happen killing hundreds, and if security isnt tight, another 9/11 could happen. Not trying to be scary, it is just the reality of flying in any Western country with terrorist threats like ISIS out there.


I haven’t seen a single policeman today… it’s definitely not related to the airport incident.

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Why don’t we all just make a topic as soon as we see an article or any news on aviation.

What are you trying to imply?

We have had patrols at major public locations (and especially at airports) for years if not decades. The state of emergency isn’t related to this actually.


Oh my gosh my friend is in Paris

There’s like 6 vans loaded with 10 officers today by the building that Hitler took his famous picture in France

Please correct the date to 3/18/2017. the month and day are switched :)