Paris Le Bourget Airshow Spotting (June 25th)

Wassup everyone,

I have just opened up my family laptop (finally) to be able to add some pictures I have taken with my old Fuji Camera. (FUJIFILM S5500)

Disclaimer: I have completely no idea how to use a Photo Camera so I have set the graphic options to AUTO during the event.

Further will do, here are my 10 best pictures to showyou all for the day and I want to see how good these pictures turned out. (There are so much pictures but I guess these 10 will do!)

French Military Jets performing fantastic group formation along with the colourful smoke.

Hi-Fly Airbus A380- Save the coral reefs livery. I really wanted to see this.

An Airbus A350-1000 Factory livery. Beautiful Performance.

A Beautiful Livery from the Airbus A330 NEO. Again, great performance by pilots.

A Military Helicopter. (I’m not sure what model it is sorry!)

A Douglas DC-3. That’s the finial picture I can share for you! :)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! That was one very busy day. I took off from Dublin Airport and flew the special Aer Lingus rugby team livery. It was very warm outside (30C) just before a massive heatwave struck France. Sunday was the last day of the opening Air Show. Once again, there was crowds of people everywhere.

Now enjoy the rest of your holidays.


Best. Photo. Ever

Amazing shots!
Hope you had some fun!


I was there visiting from the U.S! It was so amazing but it was kinda hot haha. I loved it, I hope you did too! I had really wished I brought my Nikon because a phone camera doesn’t do much

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😉👍🏽Wow those are so cool I love the A350 that’s definitely my favorite

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Thanks! Actually, my father booked a special terrace or a viewing stage where we could see the best views of the performance. That’s why these shots turned out better.

Well, I’m glad you were able to catch these great photos!

I might be coming next time

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Highly recommended.

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Wow, nice shots!


Thanks! And Happy B-Day mate. 🎂


What can I say? These pictures are solo amazing!

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Thank you so much! That day was an awesome gift for sure. My best day of the full year.

Eurocopter EC665 Tigre

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I love these performance and very beautiful

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😮 Nice photos love the last one

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I couldn’t decide what one was my favourite as they are all amazing.

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I was at the Paris Air Show on the 21st! You got some cool shots!

Also, the name of the helicopter is the Eurocopter/Airbus Helicopters Tiger.

My photo


Nice picture! I love this helicopter so much. It also performed excellent maneuvers during the Air Displays.

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What was quite concerning and hard is that I had to get up at 1AM!

Still, my trip to Paris was great too, except that I hate the departure terminal I had for the regional hops with Aer Lingus. I am not sure if this is new or not but we had to travel by bus and walk from place to place. Still as I mentioned above, I flew a special livery (for my second time) on my way to Paris CDG.

Spotted a United 787-10 Landing runway 28! (My favourite aircraft)

On approach to CDG with a wonderful view.

And the nighttime takeoff.

I love Paris and the service was brilliant!

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