Paris Ground Timelapse

Hello, welcome back to another one of my many ATC timelapse threads! Today, @Edoardo_C and I tagged Paris-Charles De Gaulle GTS. I took ground, and it was an interesting session to say the least. The session started off with many people at the gates, then as the session progressed there was a huge increase of traffic heading to the runways. Paris has a somewhat intricate layout, and at the beginning, Edoardo had tried to accommodate the many intersection departures that Paris offers, but it had became too much. Therefore, he updated ATIS with the no intersection departures remark, and we continued the session there, but it was rather difficult as I now was faced with the difficulty of having to progressive taxi everyone to the same entry to the runway, but it worked out pretty well as you’ll see in the video. Definitely my busiest ground session yet, and when I had opened, there was roughly around 170 inbounds, not even the peak of the day! Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and I sent 900 messages that entire session, and the session was only an hour. That comes out to 1 message sent every 4 seconds.😳

The Plan


Very nice timelapse @Shane, keep up the good work!


Amaaaaaazing timelapse as usual :)

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Thank you both very much, @Rhys_V @Andy_R!


Another greaaaaaaaaaat timelapse Shane!

Nice to see Ground getting some well-deserved attention – great job as always, Shane!

I was etihad 037


Agreed, I always enjoy ground and it can be really fun at times, unfortunate that other IFATC don’t quite feel the same.

I love it when people spot themselves in my videos, thanks for stopping in!

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Another beautiful timelapse Shane!

And another time I see myself… lol, AF379 Heavy on 09L at 1:30.

There’s also @Altaria55 with @RTG113 on the much loved go around 😂

You should make a timelapse of my Tower session. That started off as mayhem and ended in a fun peaceful session.


Thank you, appreciate that!

PM me and we can work something out. 😏

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Someone is showing off their math skills. 😂

Fantastic video, Shane! I mean, no surprise, but still.

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Ngl that’s pretty easy lol, it’s like a question you’d get in a checkup maths test. ‘I had 900 marbles but need to share them between 60 people. How many marbles would each person get?’… Except that would be per minute… Sorry I wanna show off my maths skills now.

Pretty simple equation: 900 ÷ 60 ÷ 60. 900 divide by 60 is 15, divide by another 60 is 0.25. To get to a 1 that would be times 4, this making a message most likely appear roughly every 4 seconds.

Sorry for the aneurysm…


My brain while reading this : ⬆️⬅️↗️↙️↪️⬇️↘️↖️⬆️⬅️↗️↙️↪️⬇️↘️↖️


M ÷ 2H seems more easier.

M = 900
H = 60

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It was a joke, lol, but thanks.

Even the self-declared Human Calculator is impressed

In any case great job @Shane, I believe most of the text happened through PM lol. Also kudos to @Edoardo_C for getting all those aircrafts in and out efficiently 😊

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Amazing time lapse! Was awesome working with you. I sent a total of 2150 message in two hours and an half, it was indeed busy!

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I see my callsign in there heading off to Atlanta.

I love these so much, nailed it as always!

Good quality video, amazing to see the France here :)