Paris Community Meetup!

Join us at the Air & Space Museum at Le Bourget for another in-person community meetup on Saturday 18th November 2023! Surrounded by iconic moments of aviation history, we invite you to join us for for a few hours as we explore the entire museum. You’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some incredible aircraft like the A380, Concorde and B747, just to name a few…


🕑 Date & Time


🗺️ Location

Air & Space Museum
Aéroport de Paris-Le Bourget, 93352 Le Bourget, France

Meeting Point
We will plan to meet just inside of the museum entrance at 12pm, where we’ll wait for approximately 15 minutes. Please gather around the meeting point before exploring the museum as we’ll do that together! Before you can get to the meeting point though, you’ll need to obtain a ticket to enter the museum. Prices are listed below:

  • Museum + Planes Entrance (4-18 y/o): 6,00€
  • Museum + Planes Entrance (19-25 y/o): 8,00€
  • Museum + Planes Entrance (26+ y/o): 16€
  • Museum Entrance only (Ages up to 26 y/o): Free

These prices include plane entrance, or “boarding passes”. The boarding passes allow you go go inside some of the aircraft, like the 747 or concorde. You’ll be required to prove your age if you purchase age specific tickets.

You can either obtain these tickets online or on the day. However, the museum recommends purchasing your tickets ahead of time through their website. You can purchase tickets HERE.

🏛️ Museum Facilities

Facilities… the most important part of any event! Fortunately, the museum has more than enough to suit everyone’s needs. The map below highlights everything offered on site. If you’re driving to this event don’t worry, there’s plenty of parking available outside the front of the museum! (Parking rates apply).

Museum Map

🚊 Getting to the museum

Guidance quoted from the museums official website itself:

🚘 Coming by car, coach or 2 wheels
Take the A1 from Paris-Porte de La Chapelle. Exit 5 “Le Bourget Airport”

🚌 Coming by bus
Take line 610, 350, 152 or 148, get off at the “Air and Space Museum” stop.

🚇 Coming by metro
Take line 7 – get off at “La Courneuve” station – then bus line 152.

🚆 Coming by RER
Take RER B – get off at “Le Bourget” station – then bus line 152.

ℹ️ Additional info

Please note that it is forbidden to enter the museum with a suitcase or a large backpack (larger than 50x25x40 cm). The museum does have a locker at the entrance of the museum should you need to leave anything.

Taking photos of non-museum aircraft through the fence is generally not allowed without a permit, especially with large DSLR type cameras. To photograph airport activities in Paris, a permit is needed. If you want to apply for a permit, email

Ages 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult. We are not responsible for the health and safety of our attendees. This meetup will take place at a location open to the public. Face coverings are optional but welcome at the meet. Attendees are encouraged to respect their peers’ personal choices at all times.


Hit the button below to sign up. Please only fill out this form if you’re 100% joining this event. If you sign up and your plans change, advise a member of staff as soon as possible so that we can remove you from the list. Thank you!


We look forward to meeting you there! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment below. We will try to answer the best we can!

Event location suggested by @Camille. Museum photos taken by Robertine.

Great to see the IF Team at Paris, will definitely be there :)


Amazing 😍 I’ll try my best to come !


Amazing Event!

It seems like the google form is not functioning, though. This is what it says.

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Odd… let me fix that!


It’s working now!


Sweet, glad that worked!! Thanks for letting me know :)


I gotta take a 7 hour flight to get there so I can’t go :(

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Man that was fast! I’m American and well if this is in Paris… you know what I can’t do 🗿

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oh i really need to get my passport now.


Actually I have plans this day so… 🗿


At this point I’m no longer shocked 😅


One day I will attend one of these

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Can you believe that this event happens the day after my midterms. How exciting !

So happy to finally be meeting some of the community members !

@A-FitzGerald the only place we meet is the Bourget 😂(if you’re coming)


Will you guys ever consider Miami?


Very nice!

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I heard they were going to a Toronto meetup shortly after the Paris meetup, but it’s very likely there will be a meetup in Miami next year.


They’re sleeping on the East Cost aren’t they?

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Maybe but I believe this their 2nd meet up so we gotta give them time!

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