Paris commemoration event, please read!

Good evening,

Last Friday there was a major attack in Paris, I was there two streets away from.

There are three friends from me killed by the attack, I tried my best friend to resuscitate unfortunately did not help this.

But because there are so many people died and been injured I would like to hold an event on Charles the Gaulle.

I hope that a lot of people want to get involved, to commemorate the dead and wounded.

If we could organize this? I think tomorrow around 01:30 UTC? Or another day, i work in the weekend.

I hope you guys here want to join, let below know whether you’re there or not :)

Thanks friends!


Tony Koorevaar.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english, long time since I’ve typed so much in English.


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Seems like a good idea man! Sorry about all the bad stuff going on in Paris now.

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Thx dude :)

I fixed your title since your initial title could have been misinterpreted. Also please avoid using CAPS unless for acronyms.


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Philippe, that was not me :) Alex edited my title.

Is there another date that we can do this?

Because there are was just 1 person who’s agreed.


Myself and another member held a Fly for Paris event in LAX and Paris last weekend flying only Air France livery for the entire day. Not saying this is a bad idea. Just that a lot of people showed up. So I’m not sure how many will do it again.

@Tony_Koorevaar… Tony, i’lł be pleased to fly with you in honor of your friend sacrifice at any time. if your event has scheduling conflicts or does not pan out please contact me by PM. I’ll make the time. Max

@Koorevaar Tony_… Tony, j’lł être heureux à voler avec vous en l’honneur du sacrifice de votre ami à tout moment. Si votre événement a des conflits de planification ou ne concrétisent pas veuillez me contacter par PM. Je vais prendre le temps. Max

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like rotate said, u must have been through a lot. i am willing to make changes to my life to fly with you


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part of what you said lol. like u willing too make time

I will try to be if on Saturday or afternoon sunday

Google Traduction should really close 😂