Paris/Charles de Gaulle ILS question.

Yesterday I was landing at LFPG, with the ALT set to 2700ft.
Before reaching that altitude, I had already intercepted the ILS at 3000ft, and not from below, like it is accepted.
At 2700ft, I had to increase my rate of descent to get back into the glideslope.
Is the slope for LFPG in need for a correction as EGLC? Because the Paris region is mainly flat.

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Yes, CDG. All of my approaches were done for 2700ft, so as to intercept from below.
Not sure why on CDG was like that.

I was following just a fixed altitude for every ILS interception. Turns out I should have started using the approach charts for the runways.
There was even a tutorial for following the approach charts.

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Why do you want me to?

Because I didn´t make research to find out about the ILS altitude for Charles de Gaulle, and I assumed it was the same for every airport.
Aernout even made a tutorial for the approach charts.

The final decision is up to you though.

No need to. This topic is fine :)

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