Paris Center (LFPG Center) FNF NOTAM

Paris Center is online for the FNF! Many aren’t familiar With Center frequencies, so I have some Things I would love for pilots to do.

Paris Center (LFPG ATCC) Is a busy frequency. Only send important Messages. If you don’t get a response right away, don’t resend. Trust me, I have seen it.

I will give you a cruising Level. When you are ready for descent, request a descent Down to, say, FL180 if you are above.

Paris Center covers a big area. I handle all traffic before from departure and to approach (if available). If i send you a frequency change approved, PLEASE CHANGE FREQUENCY.

If you violate the 550GS rule, you might be ghosted without ANY WARNING. I will try to screenshot before, for evidence.

Oh - and… Have fun!


running a tight ship, i like it!


When schools is out I’ll be controlling good to see this

Just finished flying. Thanks for the wonderful ATC service.Best Flight Ever


Thanks for coming!


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