Paris CDG spotting 02-07-2021

Hello guys I wanted to share a selection of 10 photos of my last spotting at Roissy - Paris CDG
I spotted with a great friend @Marc.Stinger met in Infinite Flight in Air France KLM VA.

We had great conditions as the north runways were closed so we saw all the traffic of the day

Spotting time : 1:50pm - 4:50pm

Airbus A330-900neo | Air Senegal | 6V-ANB

LFPG β†’ GOBD | HC404

Boeing 777-300ER | Air France SkyTeam | F-GZNE

LFPG β†’ KIAD | AF54

Airbus A350-900XWB | Airbus A320-200



Boeing 777-300ER | Japan Airlines | JA735J

RJTT β†’ LFPG | JL45

Airbus A318-100 | Air France | F-GUGO

LFBZ β†’ LFPG | AF7657

Boeing 787-9 | Air France | F-HRBG

LFPG β†’ KMSP | AF694

Airbus A380-800 | Emirates Expo 2020 | A6-EOT

LFPG β†’ OMDB | EK74

Airbus A320-200 | Air France | F-GKXY

DAAG β†’ LFPG | AF1385

Airbus A320-200 | Air France | F-HBNC

LFBD β†’ LFPG | AF7629

Boeing 787-9 | All Nippon Airways | JA932A

RJTT β†’ LFPG | NH215

Thank you for watching !
It was an amazing moment @Marc.Stinger @Volcano_92 @A-FitzGerald
It’s incredible to have met great friends through Infinite Flight

Merci @Laura ;)


Beautiful shots of these birds!


Thank you ;)

Where am I??? Nice spotting πŸ˜‰ baguette you know. Lol

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Nice shots, I love that ANA dreamliner! Northwestern Europe is always cloudy haha

Yes it wasn’t the best condition for a spotting. I’m always happy to come at Paris CDG

Amazing photos!πŸ”₯ thanks for sharing with us!

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Thank you @MADCAT ;)

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