Paris CDG Gates :)


Hi everyone!

On IF, as you would have noticed, I fly 99% AF. At CDG, I always take gates part of T2E. I just checked all gates available in 2E as I was boared always flying from E17 or E20!

Here is what I got:

A black circle refers to a gate in IF.
I am suprised to see so less gates available for Terminal 2E (AF Long-Haul Terminal) and so many for Terminal 1 (All pilots flying Star Alliance airlines should be happy!)

I hope we could add some more gates for T2E S3 & S4. For Hop! lovers (even If we don’t have this airline on IF), some gates at T2G would be great! :))

Ps: Sorry for the bad quality photo and this strange colour (no more ink xDD)

Thanks a lot,



CDG in the App isn’t that busy :P

But as a fan of realism, I agree with you.


Yes Laurens, you are right :))

But some more gates for AF’s hub airport would really be good!


This can be done, someone on the airport editing team will check it out :)


Thanks a lot @carmalonso!


@Axel_Beder do you want to do this one?


This is definitely something for @Axel_Beder!


Any news? @Swang007 @Axel_Beder



I’m reworking CDG and ORY from scratch :) it will take some time though (busy with studies).


Thanks a lot! :))


have you plans for switzerland region?