Paris and London regions not available?

Hey fellow pilots!
I haven’t been very active in the community for a while, however I have been playing infinite flight nevertheless. I’ve had a pro subscription for a while now (about a year), however due to other commitments, I have decided to suspend my subscription for now. I quickly went to have a look at the regions still available in solo and I noticed that the Paris and London regions weren’t available anymore.
Now, I’m a bit confused considering I had purchased both ‘regions’ prior to the global update and I was able to fly in them in solo up until the latest update (complete crj family).
Here’s a photo of the current solo map:

I own an iPad Air and I have restarted the device and uninstalled IF and reinstalled with no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks beforehand!

EDIT: Just realised its also an issue with ALL of my purchased aircraft which can ONLY be used with a Pro subscription…

To make it clear, after your subscription ended, were you still able to fly in solo in the entire globe?

No, once the subscription ended I wasn’t able to fly around the globe. However I could still fly between London, Paris and Amsterdam.

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Your subscription expired so when you don’t have the sub pro you don’t have access to the world!

Of course! I’m aware of that but it doesn’t explain why I can’t fly in regions or with aircraft that I purchased prior to global.

After your pro sub ends, you will loose all your aircrafts you downloaded with pro. Same thing with global

Including ones that I purchased seperately? That’s a bit ridiculous, don’t you think?

I am not really so sure. Let me douple check it one moment.

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Talkin about regions, Paris wasn’t a region I think

I may be wrong

You should have access to all planes and regions though

You should be able to fly in aircraft you bought and same goes for regions!

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I had the same problem.
The new update of IF says that after the subscription ends, you would still be able to download all the aircrafts that you have purchased.
Try re-installing IF and check the aircrafts again. This should probably solve the problem. Make sure you sign in with the account you’ve bought those aircrafts with.

I hope this helps and you can recover your purchased aircrafts.
Best regards

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Adding to what Matt said: Don’t forget to click on “Restore Purchases”.


I did reinstall IF the first time with no success however, I forgot to click on “Restore Purchases” as @Starley pointed out.
Thanks, everyone for taking the time to help me!