Paris Airshow 2017 | Aircraft Orders

At the 2017 Paris Airshow this week, airlines have been putting orders and announcing orders for new aircraft.

This topic is compiling all of the orders made at the Paris Airshow (Will Add On As More Orders Are Made)

#Boeing Aircraft Orders:

Boeing 737 MAX - 10:
GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) - 20 Orders - Converted 20 orders from the Boeing 737 MAX -8
LionAir - 50 Possible Orders
TUI Group - Converted 18 orders from the Boeing 737 MAX -8
SpiceJet - 20 Orders - Converted 20 orders from the Boeing 737 MAX -8
Okay Airways - 8 Orders
United Airlines - Converted 100 orders from the Boeing 737 MAX -8
CDB Leasing - 4 Possible Orders
China Aircraft Leasing - 5 Orders
BOC Aviation - 10 Possible Orders
Copa Airlines - Converted 15 orders from the Boeing 737 MAX -8
Xiamen Airlines - 10 Possible Orders
Malaysia Airlines - 10 Orders
Donghai Airlines - 10 Orders
Tibet Financial Leasing - 10 MoU Orders

Boeing 737 MAX -8:
Norwegian Air Shuttle - 2 Orders
Okay Airways - 7 Orders
Blue Air - 6 Orders
RyanAir - 10 Orders
Ethiopian Airlines - 10 Orders
Avolon - 75 Orders - 50 possible Further Orders
Monarch Airlines - 15 Orders
CDB Leasing - 6 Possible Orders
JP Products & Lease Services - 10 Possible Orders
Qatar Airways - 20 Orders - 40 Possible Orders (60 Total)
China Aircraft Leasing - 35 Orders
Tibet Financial Leasing - 10 MoU Orders
ALAFCO - 20 Orders
AerCap - 2 Orders (Leased to Neos)
US lessor Air Lease - 7 Orders
Mauritania Airlines - 1 Order
Undisclosed customer - 125 MoU Possible Orders
Undisclosed customer - 50 Lol Orders
Ruili Airlines - 20 MoU Orders
Tassili Airlines - 3 Orders

Boeing 737 MAX -7
US lessor Air Lease - 5 Orders

Boeing 767 - 300:
UPS Air - To convert three 767 passenger airplanes into Boeing Converted Freighters.

Boeing 777-300ER:
United Airlines - 4 Orders

Boeing 777F:
Ethiopian Airlines (Cargo) - 2 Orders

Boeing 787 - 8:
Azerbaijan Airlines - 4 Orders
El AI - 2 Orders

Boeing 787 - 9:
Okay Airways - 5 Possible Future Orders
AerCap - 30 Orders
CDB Leasing - 8 Possible Orders
El AI - 1 Order


Airbus A320:
AirAsia - 14 MoU Orders

A320 NEO:
Viva Air - 35 Orders
CDB Aviation Lease Finance - 30 Orders
Air Lease - 10 Possible Orders
GECAS - 100 Orders
Iran Airtours - 45 MoU Possible Orders
Zagros Airlines - 20 MoU Possible Orders

Viva Air - 15 Orders

Airbus A321 NEO:
CDB Aviation Lease Finance - 15 Orders
Air Lease - 12 Orders
Tibet Financial Leasing - 20 MoU Orders

Airbus A321:
Wizz Air - 10 Orders

Airbus A321(CEO):
Delta Airlines - 10 Orders

Airbus A332:
Hi Fly - 2 Orders

Airbus A350 - 900:
Ethiopian Airlines - 10 Orders


Bombardier Q400:
SpiceJet - 50 Possible Orders (Letter Of Intent)
Philippine Airlines - 7 Orders
Ethiopian Airlines - 4 Possible Orders
CemAir - 2 MoU Orders


Embraer E175:
Belavia - 1 Order
Fuji Dream Airlines - 3 Orders

Embraer E190:
KLM Cityhopper - 2 Orders
J-Air - 1 Order

Embraer E190-E2:
Aircastle Holding Corporation Limited - 15 Orders

Embraer E195:
Belavia - 1 Order

Embraer E195-E2:
Aircastle Holding Corporation Limited - 10 Orders


ATR 42 - 600:
Tianju - 10 Possible Orders
Xuzhou Hantong - 3 Possible Orders

ATR 72-600:
Air Senegal - 2 Orders

#More will be updated as more information comes out about these purchases

What do you think about these purchases made?


Could we perhaps be able to not bold the whole thing… It’s a pain to read and defeats the point

How many are Spicejet getting? Wow. Must have some serious investment


Is that better?

SpiceJet must be trying to push to the top :)


I knew United airlines would do the Boeing 737-10MAX

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I’m really certain about Emirates getting the A380plus. They always proposed and demanded a streched version of the A380 and way too high capacities didn’t ever seem to bother them.
I’m calling it. Emirates will get the A380plus.

I also think Swiss will maybe place an order for a couple A350’s. They’re flying relatively old aircraft and the 777 was a failure purchase - let’s face it.

I also believe some european regional carriers like Transavia, Volotea, Finnair, Luxair and Aegean will place a couple orders for the 737MAX and A320neo’s. I don’t really have a specific explanation for it, I solely believe it’s very well possible thinking about it for a while.
Super pumped to see what new aircraft orders Paris Air Show further has in stock for us.


I honestly think Swiss will buy the 787.

If they ever do… This is what it might look like: @BavariaAVIATION

Transavia - B737MAX
Volotea - A320neo
Finnar - A320neo
Luxair - B737MAX
Aegean - A320neo

Based on their past operators.

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Yes, I thought it was self-explanatory.


Looks like a fair year for aircraft ☺️

Yep, real good to see these orders flowing in

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I think you forgot Lion Air, 737-10MAX biggest customer so far as they signed 50 B737-10MAX for orders worth about $6.24 billion at list prices. 😊

Anyway, SpiceJet ordered 40 of them based on this Boeing video above. 20 of them are 737-10MAX and the rest are -8s 😉


40 orders for MAX 10 put of which 20 were converted

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B797 “widebody comfort” with “single-aisle economics.”

OK not strictly an order but details on the Middle of the MArket (MoM) was discussed at the Paris airshow. Although Boeing may eventually introduce a commercial airliner designated with the number 797, and although the company’s Phantom Works (advanced research and development) is researching various advanced concepts, Boeing is not currently developing a 797.

The “757-replacement” New Midsize Airplane (NMA) study is for an aircraft with more capacity than the 737-900ER/737-9 but with less range than the 787. The middle-of-the-market (MoM) space for Airbus would be at least 1,000 new dual-engine, single-aisle planes designed to fly thin routes (up to 5,000 nautical miles with 200 to 260 passengers).

Boeing was convinced that an unaddressed, and sizable, market for a new midsize airplane (NMA) existed between single-aisle Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 category and the medium-capacity twin-aisle Boeing 787 and Airbus A330 and A350.

Still very early days but an exciting future ahead!


Malaysia Airlines ordered 10 737max 10’s.

Copa converts 15 737max 8’s to 10’s

Xiamen Airlines signs an MoU for 10 737max 10’s

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Copa Airlines announced the order of 15 Boeing 737 MAX 10! Very excited about this. Copa Airlines has been always a loyal customer of Boeing, they have found everything they need in the 737.

With this, they are the first Latin American airline in order this type.

Source: EnElAire Facebook page.


I do hope with Malaysia Airlines converting some of their -8MAX order and Lion Air “committed” to order 50 of -10MAX. Garuda may follow them by ordering some of these -10MAX as this aircraft would be really useful in order to compete with Batik on huge demand routes (CGK-SUB, CGK-KNO, CGK-DPS, CGK-SIN)

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I remember Boeing tried making a 787-3, would’ve been a great replacement for the 757, too bad it was launched at the wrong time.


Kinda sad there are no orders for the CS100 or CS300

The Airshow just started! Theres still 2 more days! :)


Let’s all be honest here. The 787-3 wss designed for short-haul high density routes specifically in Asia for example Japan’s HND-ITM route, TPE-HKG etc. The 787-3 would serve markets that were previously for 767-300s serving short hauls.
The aircraft got very little orders thus Boeing scrapped the idea instead converting existing orders to the 787-8.