Paris Air Show event?

Although I don’t fly in Live, I thought I might make a proposal for next Friday’s meetup.

Since the 51st Paris Air Show has opened (Already some juicy news), why not make a meetup at the famous Le Bourget to simulate the air show!

There could be competitions for the best air show maneuver (Fighter jets/props of course ;)), people could line up their planes on the ramp as if it were an actual air show with a ton of aircraft on static display.

Anyone want to recreate the stunning VN 787-9 takeoff that was trending online a couple days ago :) ?

Enjoy, thanks for reading, and…

Best, Boeing707

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I would be up for this

I love this idea! It would be amazing to see all of the IF fans come together in Paris to simulate the airshow. While thinking about this, I noticed some problems. First of all, everyone participating would have to be able to communicate with each other, so that people know when it’s their turn to fly, or when they need to land. Second, you’ll need to organize the event. For example, first there is a fighter jet performance, then all Boeing aircraft can do a fly-by, then there can be competitions, and so on. If you don’t, it will probably be a big mess with several aircraft crashing into each other.

Great idea, though! (Even if this doesn’t happen I’ll still be doing maneuvers at Le Bourget.)