Parallel Taxiway Direction

At pretty much every airport there are taxiways that run parallel to the runway. At major airports, there may be a second taxiway which also runs parallel to the runway, for instance in Atlanta (Taxiways L and M):
parallel taxiways
Today I chose to fly at Toronto, which like Atlanta, has parallel taxiways. Since progressive taxi instructions in this game aren’t given with any taxiway names, you’re pretty much on your own to figure out where and how to taxi to you destination. This becomes a problem when there’s high traffic, like there is at CYYZ today. I threw this little diagram together to explain my situation:

I’ll take some responsibility for not being very aware of my surroundings (though the planes I got sandwiched by hadn’t rendered in until it was too late, and the airplane dots aren’t that helpful). By the way, the active runways were the 15s and the 06s. When I got in this situation I kind of panicked and left the flight. This was also on expert (yikes). So my question is when the taxiways are parallel like this, which taxiways should be used in which directions? Referring to this example, should I have taxied on A or B? My understanding was that departures use the inner taxiway and arrivals use the outer taxiway, so am I wrong?


I don’t think there is a clear answer but I would follow the direction of a plane that might be on that taxiiway

The problem there is that there were 2 planes going the opposite direction, so which one should I have followed?

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I would’ve made my first left exiting the ramp. Before leaving the ramp you should note the location of any aircraft near you and think where will they end up.


You were in a tough situation, so ground should’ve issued progressive/give way command to someone… Also not anyone’s fault per se


Maybe there are multiple correct answers, but based on runway usage, plane 2 should be on A and you on B.


This all depends on the controller’s preference. When I control, I usually have landing aircraft taxi on the taxiway closest to the runway to prevent conflicts and to have fast exits; however, this is all controller discretion. In the future just try to be more aware of your surroundings! Also happy birthday!!


As a controller, I like when the pilots take the taxiway further out when departing and the one closer the the RW when inbound. However if you’re unable to find a way like in this situation, it’s also the controller’s responsibility to help you out with progressive taxi.

So it seems like it’s up to the controller? Also, its my IFC anniversary, not my birthday ;)

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Not really. Shared responsibility here. You should not taxi on the taxiway closest to the runway going opposite to arriving traffic, unless you are very close to the runway head so you don’t interfere with arrivals.


This, as said above, is a valid reason for issuing progressive taxi to any of the aircrafts I would choose to issue a 180 to the aircraft that is not following the main direction of the taxiway or an aircraft that is departing the airport, resuming, to clear any of the aircraft from the taxiway.

If you do not receive a progressive taxi I would look at what’s the direction of the aircrafts taxiing though Bravo, and follow it. You may take the proper measures to avoid a congestion, just anticipate, if the two aircrafts seems decided to continue their path, just avoid it and make a 180 and taxi back to 06L via Alpha.

And yeah, this is a difficult situation

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I think you should’ve crossed the runway, as in the diagram, there was a taxiway when you enter the runway

Taxiway 5-

Hello @A_Plane_Guy ! see if this article can help u. I hope it helps you.

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With the landing/departure direction on the inner taxiway and against it on the outer as far as I am aware. Also have a look at the map next time and change as required! :)

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I can tell you from personal experiences from the real world, generally if we’re taxiing to the runway, 80% of the time we’re given one of the parallel taxiway’s further from the runway. At DFW, this is always the case. In your case, you had planned to taxi on Taxiway B. Your better option and safer alternative would’ve been hanging a left on Taxiway A.

On the flip side, the inner taxiway closest to the runway is mainly used for those aircraft who had just arrived. Why?

Well, if you were landing on 33R and you were exiting to the right onto Taxiway B, you wouldn’t have to play the game of chicken with another aircraft. Instead, you and the other aircraft on that taxiway would be traveling in the same direction.


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