Parallel takeoffs, parallel landings, and a whole lotta fun

🇮🇳 Delhi to Kuala Lumpur 🇲🇾

Hi everyone! Yesterday I had an absolutely incredible flight with @ran from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur! Enjoy the photos!

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Air Asia X A330-300
Route: VIDP - WMKK
Flight Time: 5 hours and 11 minutes

Parallel takeoff out of Delhi!

Who else loves the A330 wing view? 🙋‍♂️

Turning to the southeast!

Passengers get served some really good chicken and rice as we leave India (does anyone else watch SanSpotter?).

Fast forward to passing by Kuala Lumpur on downwind!

Turning onto base!

Parallel flying is so much fun!

We’re on final!

I land with @ran in the background.
@ran lands while I slow down!

Which one was your favorite?

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Thanks for looking and feedback is appreciated!


They are lovely, I love the fist one :)

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Dang… nice shots :)

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Awesome shots, thanks for allowing me to fly with you!

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Amazing photos! I’m sure both of you enjoyed your flight, because I certainly enjoyed those photos!


Oof, All of them are really nice photos can’t decide…

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Thanks Luke! I love that one too!

Wow, some stunning shots you got there!

Flown with them quite a few times when I lived in Kuala Lumpur, and their “Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice” is amazing, I love the spicy sauce that domes with it too!

However, their chicken rice is nothing compared to their Nasi Lemak with extra spicy sambal and a nice iced Bubble Tea as a drink. Heaven.

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For some reason I’m really liking the wing view! Awesome photos!

Happy Flying :)

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ou oui monsiuer

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@ThomasThePro thanks!
@ran it was a pleasure to fly with you!
@Butter_Boi it was definitely a lot of fun!
@AnonymouslyAnonymous thank you very much!


Ooh that sounds delicious 😋 🤤

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Lovely shots mate!

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Thanks, I love the wing view too!

Wish i could have had that chicken🤤😍😂

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@Suhas nice!
@HarryH1 thank you very much!

Sorry everyone, I’m out of likes (from PMs lol)

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I could survive on chicken rice with spicy sauce (curry) honestly


Me too after all I’ve heard about it!

Me too! So delicious 😋

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This livery is amazing. I love it. Congrats

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