Parallel Takeoff Screenshot

Parallel Takeoff from San Francisco be like:


That’s a really amazing pic!

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That looks really amazing!A bit too dark for my preference so I couldn’t resist and add some brightness 😬 Hope that’s ok with u:


I got something like that but landing


Really nice shot! Hate to be that person, but this post belongs to the #screenshots-and-videos category.

Gotcha… I’m still new to this posting thing. My apologies 🙂

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No problem!

I suggest you to use #screenshots-and-videos category

Hey! Those are some really cool pictures!

This kind of post belongs in the #screenshots-and-videos category. Please be sure to include the server, time of flight and route in the original post as well - and I’ll move it to that category once you’ve done that.

Please also read the guidelines for posting screenshots as linked below. Have a great day!

I think he understands…
Awesome shot! I love the lighting of it!

I got so hyped when I had my first parallel landing (kind of) I was at 25L and the other guy was approaching 24L
Edit: it was LAX


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