Parallel Takeoff @ Addis Ababa

Decided to fly Ethiopian Airlines flight ET500 ADD - IAD with fuel stop in DUB. This flight to the US from Ethiopia can’t be operated non-stop because of the elevation in Addis, thus it refuels in Dublin.
Learned this fact while looking up flight numbers and was happily surprised when I noticed a Toronto-bound flight (ET552) that also refuels in Dublin preparing for departure. Grabbed some parallel departure shots on the replay!

This flight was on the Expert server, and was completed in just over 9.5 hours.
@Aparkins was pilot flying the second 777


Can you remove this?

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Amazing flight just gotta grease the landing into my hometown of YYZ


Nice takeoff and pics from first and second 😉👍🏼

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Sure thing, thanks for pointing it out! Haven’t posted many topics on here haha

And landing pics from Dublin :)

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Thats interesting. I always wondered why they do that…

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The more you know! I had wondered as well, especially since the return flights are direct! But yeah, I guess at 7000’+ taking enough fuel for that haul wouldn’t be economical

Great photos ! Thx for sharing