Parallel runways tower or ground!!

just to make things clear. I have read the help pages about airports with parallel runways, it is clear that you have to stay with the tower which will give permission to cross the runway before contacting the ground on the taxiway. Once I was told to get out of the runway and contact the ground on the taxiway, so I did and I was cautioned to check the tutorials, my mistake. yesterday 21-dec-18 I landed at EKYT the tower tells me to get out of the runway and contact the ground on the taxiway but I did not immediately because they are on parallel runways so I wait for the permission from the tower to cross the runway, instead the tower admonishes me and tells me to check the tutorials and then contact the ground. Also during the final continually asked me to keep the best speed forward (I was 160 knots !!) because I had another plane behind which was subsequently ordered a go around, maybe the tower wanted to land at 200 knots ?? Warned to follow the instructions !! he told me. If I’m wrong, you say something. Thank you

Who was the controller?

I’m referring to the Incedent where you were told to go maintain best forward speed on final.

Hi Nat,
What you did here is incorrect, you should have contacted ground as he said, the ground also has runway crossing commands which they use to cross aircraft.


This is a discretionary command. Typically issued when a controller doesnt want you to go slower than you already are or speed up just a little bit. You would’ve been fine with increasing speed by 5 or 10kts as it’s completely at your discretion.

Hi there,

I hear you! Though I would be honest and there are some places where you are wrong but at the same time throughout the past few weeks and past few days I have found more and more rouge controllers on Live! I did make a topic on it and yet there really isn’t much you can do as chances are that you are on Training Server? Otherwise I do think you could report on Expert Server but that is another story.

Your not the only one!

But the first time I did as you say, but they warned me. This is the point, there is a procedure but a bit of confusion. the next time they tell me to contact the ground in the taxiway, between the two runways, I will. we’ll see. Thank you

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Regarding the exit runway, you should have just contacted ground as instructed since there was probably a reason why the controller wanted you on the ground frequency.

Regarding the second incident, please message the controller in question. If you need help finding him/her, feel free to reply with the display name and I can point you in the right direction.

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I don’t remember his name, thanx anyway. Next time i’ll do ad you say. Thank you for the advice.

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