Parallel landing


Parallel Landing at EGLL with Alaska 245 or Captain Nikita


Air France does not go to EGLL in the 777


Well thats what happens in the training server. Also, Alaska dosent fly there at all. But it dosent really matter.


I was going to say, AirFrance is what your worried about? How about an American budget(ish) airlines flying into EGLL?! Oh training server 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😑


I’m gonna start flying southwest around the world just to trigger people lol.


Yes but I wanted after if you look in the TS there is not much to respect


You where worrying about Alaska 737 landing at LHR whilst an Air France 777 was also landing…I would be more worried about the parallel runway operations taking place at LHR which certainly never takes place…

However its training server and worse things happen at sea. Nice pictures though! :-)


That’s true, on the TS I had to land in the ocean with gear, and then brake and refuel 😂
I took of with gear as well 🤷🏻‍♂️


Dude. Just stop.


It can’t be stopped!


The cool thing about Infinite Flight is that you can use any aircraft and airline on any flight or route you’d like :)

Anyways, pretty cool photos


You shouldn’t be able to. Airlines in the regi ok Ms they fly to but. Oh well


Doesn’t matter if the flew there with the wrong livery. They are having fun and that’s what matters. 😌


In the training server I’m crazy a bit of the delivery and the airplane depending on the destination, but in the expert server I pay more attention


Oof get told lol


Why not? I mean yeah its unrealistic but if it’s your favorite airline or livery why not?


Lol I’m not opposed to it. As long as people are having fun and following the rules I’m good!