Parallel Landing @ San Francisco International KSFO

Hello everyone, my pal @Jehan_Sabavala & I performed a parallel landing on San Francisco KSFO with our A-380s.

  • Flight From: YSSL to KSFO
  • Flight Time: 13 Hrs Plus
  • Flight No.: Qantas #101
  • Distance: 6453 NM
  • Server: Training Server.

It was a superb experience.

  1. Until Established on the Localizer

  1. Final

  1. Flaps Set

  1. Aligning Our Aircrafts

  1. Cockpit View

  1. Under His Left Wing

  1. Neighboring

  1. Under My Front-Wheel

  1. Reverse Thrust On // Spoilers Armed

  1. Sun Kissed

Enjoy the pictures and feel free to provide your feedbacks :-)



Nice shots!!

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SFO is definitely a very scenic airport, great shots!

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Specially with the sunset on, as sun faces the Aircrafts nose😃