Parallel Landing at SFO... Almost

I was in on approach for 28L at SFO after an 1:30 flight from Portland in an Alaska A320 as I saw a Northwest 747 to my right side approaching 28R. Then I realized that plane was doing 240 knots, it touched down, spun out and crashed. Still haven’t had a parallel landing


Yeah, the realism on training sucks. But hey, you will get one soon! They are super cool and fun 😉


I hope so! I love flying into SF so the more I fly in, the better chances I have


Yes @NoahM, just keep trying:). Well, it’s 12:00 AM here for me, off to bed!

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Same here. I’m thinking about a LAX-SFO Tomorrow morning at Sunrise in CA in a United 757

For me, I just experienced a parallel landing once; it was at YSSY on rwy 16L and 16R. I engaged the APPR to take pictures of this (it was before the multiplayer replay).

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