Parallel Landing at MSP!

Nothing like a parallel landing at the twin citie’s very own MSP!

Flight Info:
Delta 526 (BDL-MSP)

A few of several pictures I captured throughout my arrival!


This is very cool! Never happened to me 😢



I had a exact same view of the GE90 on an AC 77W I was going back home on (AC8). Anyway, we were on final and literally the same thing happened. I saw another aircraft on final at a parallel runway @ CYVR .

Nice shot!

First time for me! Your time will come!😀👍

I’ve never had a parallel landing, that’s cool!

Thanks! It’s truly amazing to be present during a parallel landing! Too bad there were buildings separating the runways. Couldn’t quite grab the touchdown!😔

Man U so luckyyyy enjoy every moment of it!!!

I really wish I could’ve captured the actual touchdown. Glad I witnessed it at MSP though, great environment to be able to witness such an “event.”😝

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Wow, I liked that shot over the highway, amazing!

It was unfortunate I didn’t capture any screenshots of the parallel aircraft…

Maybe next time!

It was absolutely FASCINATING!

Thanks! The surroundings made the landing 20x better! Especially over the “swampy,” areas!

That’s a bummer, weren’t able to snatch the camera quick enough?

I really wish I could see a parallel landing in real life

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MSP, the best of the best airports! Looks like you came in on 30R if I’m not mistaken over the Minnesota River? Anyways, welcome to my home airport! Looks like this was yesterday evening?


Great pics! The only time I’ve experienced parallel landings is at KSFO. The best are parallel takeoffs!

So coool 😎👍🏽Awesome buddy

That’s correct! Can’t remember exactly which runway I had the pleasure of landing on, sorry! Thank you, the airport was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Yes, it was around 7:00 PM yesterday…which made it even better!

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Thank you!😀👍

Haven’t experienced a parallel takeoff quite yet, I’ve seen a few of them…and they look fascinating! I heard KSFO has some of the best parallel takeoffs and landings!

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