Parallel landing at London Heathrow!

I got to experience something amazing at LHR today! A parallel landing! I’ve never experienced one of these before, so it was truly an amazing moment to see this happen :)

Flight info:
Route: VABB - EGLL
Flight time: 8h 57 mins
Server: Expert

(I’m the BA 787 by the way!)

On final

A view of me from his landing runway, 09R!
Also his gear didn’t load in the replay lol

Aaaand finally a nice view of my own landing!

Also, huge thanks to @Alefy.S for the Ground/Tower control at LHR and for making this happen :)


Nice pictures! 😍😍, but what about the 747, without wheels?😂, that’s a better photo. 👍

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Yes, the gear didn’t load in the replay lmao
At least it made for a funny shot 😂

thanks for your visit, beautiful records of your approach! :)


No problem, thanks for the ATC too :)


Wow! I’ve witnessed that before too!:D Lol the 747! Wonder who that was in the boeing!:)

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Well, all it said above his aircraft was ‘Bartmin air’
I don’t think he has an IFC account, but at least it was a cool experience!

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Yeah Indeed!:)

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