Parallel Landing at KADW

Background: Arriving in synchronised pattern work at Joint Base Andrews, with second image showing the 757-200 I am piloting holding short of Runway 1L
Flight Information: Expert Server, Pattern practice at KADW, Aircraft are all 757-200 (first image both with US Air Force Liveries and second image again but with Delta Airlines) Sunday 3 January

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cool shots with amazing angles!! keep it up!

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Thank you so much, I am new to the scene with photography but loving the process!

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Great job on that first shot! Really good for a new IF photographer!

Wow that’s really cool

Thank you, it means a lot! I like the first picture too.

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Thank you very much!

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Always gotta love a parallel landing. Great job😁

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Daaaaaang, sweet shots man!

Nice! Really cool photos.