Parallel-ish landing

Hello all!
Hope you are doing fine. So today I did a flight in the 777F. It is still a beautiful aircraft with or without a rework. @N2628P spotted me bound for San Francisco. Funnily enough he was flying there as well and this happened…

“Hey @Ondrejj, up for a parallel approach at SFO?”

So I said yes… 😅

Server: Expert
Time: Today, but I am losing track of the day by the day 😕
Route: KLAX → KSFO

Rotating runway 25L at KLAX

Parallel (ish) approach at KSFO. Left is obviously @N2628P and I am on the right about to land on 28R

Apparently my cargo can see out of a window-less fuselage.

Holding short 28L in the right corner about to cross… Because I thought it would take longer for take off. Better safe then sorry.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures! 😊


It was fun to fly with you even though we were not really together! Cant wait for another opportunity to do it again!

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Nice pictures! Maybe try to mess around with a photo editor next time… might give you some nice results.

Stay healthy!

I love my title. 😁

You can just change it to “yesterday” tomorrow, and then “2 days ago” the day after tomorrow… ;)

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Change it to parallel… -ish
that would look nice

That’s actually proper procedure ;) Always wait until the plane has passed, no matter how high they are.

Great shots too!

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