Parallel departures

Yesterday I departed from KLAX 24L at the same time as someone departed from 25R. I had to turn south and they had to turn north, which wouldn’t really be possible, since we would pretty much collide. So I decided to climb slightly faster than the other aircraft since I was already a bit higher than them until we had roughly 1500ft of vertical separation. At that point I turned south and flew above them with 1500ft of separation.
I’m asking if this was the correct thing to do or is there a better way of solving the issue. Feels a bit odd having to climb at almost 4000ft/min until like 8000ft.

In these scenarios, it may be advisable to check the flight plan of the aircraft departing on the parallel runway prior to departure. If such is the case, i’d recommend holding short until they’ve departed/a suitable distance away such that the risk of conflict is minimal. Another option would be to restrict your altitude such that the other aircraft has sufficient space. I’ve attached the minimum IFR separation guidelines from the user guide below for ready reference, which would be suitable to maintain.


Okay, so technically no rules were broken right?
But in the future I think I will just level off at say 3000ft and let the other aircraft climb until the vertical separation is enough.

That’s correct, as long as there was at least 3NM horizontal or 1,000ft vertical separation between IFR aircrafts, the requirement is met. Often, controllers may hold parallel departures for a short while prior to departure, in order to allow adequate separation in these scenarios.


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