Parallel Delta Landing

Hello IFC :)

Yesterday I did a flight with a fellow IFW member (@Sw_A350). We flew from KORD To KSTL in an a350 and an a330. This is the shot from the parralel we did…

Flight Details

Route : KORD - KSTL
Aircraft : A350 & A330
Flight Time : 40 Minutes
Server : Expert
Would Do Again? : Perhaps…

Thanks For Viewing


Wow beautiful.

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Thanks :)

Ah… The troubled flight (well, at least after you took back off there was a problem). Nice pic! Love that tilted gear.

I love it!
Beautiful landing
And the A350…😍

Damn that’s sick!

@Mr-plane-guy1 Ah yes yes yes, it sorted itself out after a bit.

@FLIGHT2 Thanks!

@Sw_A350 Yessir it is, thanks!

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Those photos are sick nice 😁

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That looks really cool! Just next time remember to say what server your on:)

@CaptainOliver Thank you :)

@SamC thanks :), the changes have been completed

It’s good now:)

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My dad got to fly on one of delta’s A350s last year.

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So realistic…

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