Parallel ATC/Flight Activity?

Is it possible to do ATC operations on laptop/desktop while flying long hauls on smartphone/tablet with the same username/account?

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Hello! Unfortunately, you can’t control and fly at the same time under one account despite using 2 different devices. As this can be considered as a violation towards Infinite Flight’s ToS. Same goes to flying on 2 devices at the same time unfortunately. You have to choose, if you prefer controlling then you can go controlling before doing a flight ;)


I really like doing ATC but my phone is almost back to back set on long haul flights, so I miss doing ATC for quite some time now : |

Adding Onto @George, Doing so would be a Violation of IF Term’s of Service ;).

That’s a shame. But if that’s the way it is then let it be. I thought maybe someone know a shortcut for doing it.

Nope there isn’t a shortcut but I do agree that controlling and flying at the same time should be possible. It would be a great feature!

We don’t have two lives in this world. You cannot exist at two different places at a time. Same science facts for Infinite world too.


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@angrybird Oh wow, thanks for all the info you shared, please take it one at a time next time, it was just too shocking to hear all that at once!

You better by the way stay a few hundred feet away from your smartphone/tablet when you turn on your engines, same science that applies to real world airplane or you will be sucked into the engine #SameScienceFacts


Wait, sorry. A bit off topic but are you able to IF on the computer like you said in the topic comment?

Yes you can, especially the IF developers can run the whole thing on PC, and some others now how to do it too. But all I know is to mirror the iPhone screen on my laptop which wont do the trick for my purpose

Well, in RealScienceFact world, we are at our smartphones, so…go figure : |

By the way, just as a friendly suggestion, when one doesn’t have anything of value to add to a topic/question, it is better for them to keep away and educate themselves simply by active reading instead of cluttering the forum.

I also assumed this whole IQ thing is valid, otherwise you go your own way and we go ours:

yes, and right above your initial sarcastic comment someone had politely noted that, so I don’t understand the point of a sarcastic one right underneath.

From here on I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt!

Infinite Flight is not available on PC, Devs are the only ones that can do that ! Nobody else can :) please don’t spread false information!!


Same Science Facts also prove that you cant get sucked into the engine if you’re looking at it from the side or if you’re in the cockpit, or anywhere not directly in front of the engine. Its a whole world of possibilities regarding science


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