Parallel approach

Today I flew a flight from Nairobi to Jeddah with my friend in expert serve.But at the time we arrived Jeddah,there was no ATC on charge.So we decided to do something special.

I landed on the runway 34R and my friend landed on runway 34C.The time is about 7:30 AM local time.


Trying that approach isn’t easy as I may guess. It’s mostly luck unless you plan it properly.

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Thats pretty cool. I dont think ive noticed that livery before

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A parallel approach with the same plane even!


Certainly.My friend was quicker than me at about 6-7kts,so he landed earlier.It’s too difficult to touch down at the same time.

Very nice! How long was the flight?

About three hours. Not very long.

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Nice! (Just because I’d like to fly it for my YT channel), is it a real flight with the 787-8?

No, the real flight should be a smaller plane.It should be 738.

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Nice to see Kenya Airways getting some attention. Great shots 👍🏾

Btw, the NBO-JED route is only operated by Saudia on the A320 or A330. KQ used to fly the route using the E190 and 738 until a while back.

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It looks like you duplicated your plane and pasted it to the other side!
(Not a critiquing your photo that was a compliment to your photo angle)

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Thank you for the informations. Actually I like to fly the airline which isn’t get much attentions. That’s really funny.

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