Paragliding in Lautterbrunnen, Switzerland

Has anyone on the forums been paragliding? I went while I was on vacation in Europe (Europe is much better than the US by the way)! I paraglided off the side off a cliff in Lautterbrunnen, Switzerland (beautilfulšŸ˜). We basically went to the top of the cliff, and started in a field. We got our parachutes layed out in the field, then started walking, then running. When our parachute caught air, we started flying, then went up. Then we flew for a minute or so and flew over the edge of the cliff. We went by waterfalls, through clouds, and in circles while gliding down. It took maybe 20 minutes to fly down, and maybe 30-40 to get up to where we jumped from. Has anyone else done this? If you havenā€™t I highly recommend you do it if you ever get the chance.


Switzerland is greatful


Have you been paragliding before?

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No but i know we have great moutain display

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Welcome to Switzerland :)

I have been flying over 800 h on my hang glider in Switzerland, which is my home country.
Free flying in Switzerland is the condensation of unforgettable emotions and sense of pure flying, in the full respect of a unique landscape and based on a high quality flight training with license certificate. The organization is granted by the SHV, Swiss Hang Gliding Association.
Happy landings :)

I have not done it but seen it in nearby Austria ;)

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