Paradox's ATC Tracking Thread - CLOSED] @KRDU

Welcome to @Paradox ATC Thread

(For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.)


Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch&gos/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out” command.



N/A :


Server :


Departures: 23R & 23L
Arrivals: 23R & 23L

Im currently trying to become IFATC and would love people to join and give me some tips while i control Ground and tower at various airports!!


Tag me when you are next opened!

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Feel free to tag me next time you open!

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@Armthnn I’m open now

I’m now open

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Hey, @Paradox I am the pilot flying right now!

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Go eays on the criticism please lol

Hi! Feedback [9A-LEX]

  • no response received for transition the first time. On the second asking wrong transition altitude. Airport altude is 500ft +2500ft for transition =3000ft

-unecessary continue inbound.

-no sequence.

-On pattern i dont need pattern entry. Just sequence.

-Earlier exit runway command. It need to be gived at about 80kts ias.

-Unecessary Contact ground. I already have exit rwy and contact ground.

Please check user guide and atc manual for some help!
Wish you good luck!

Thx. Btw when you vacated the runway, you still were in the tower frequency***

And what is transition exaclty. It’s like flying over the airport right

Yes. Please check user guide for some help!

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Hey, @Paradox Thanks for the service at KRDU!

I was (OK-LOL)

  • Good job with the pushback and taxi.

  • The take-off clearance was perfect, you told me to make left/right traffic.


  • The speed commands were unnecessary since there was no one around the area to worry about.

  • The “Enter left/right downwind and enter base” pattern entries were also unnecessary since you had told me to make right traffic. You should expect the pilot to continue remaining in the pattern unless the pilot requests a full stop.

  • There was no sequence between @Alexbg29 and me.

  • The exit command was too early, I was still airborne when you sent it. The exit runway command should be given at around 70 knots.

    Otherwise, Good job today!

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I’m confused on the sequencing. Could you tell me an example.

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To make sure, if you taking off and remaining in pattern. I tell you make right traffic, I don’t have to use the right downwind, I only use right downwind when an aircraft is approaching for a differnet airport .


That’s correct! You got it!

@FN60fps @Alexbg29 could I get both of you again and we practice sequencing and stuff

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You guys are helpful!

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I don’t know about @Alexbg29, but I could do that for you!

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just started flight. How about in a hour?