Paradisair VA Has Ceased Operations

I’m sorry to inform some, but Paradisair has ceased operations. Thai is because of lack and pilots, inside VA’s not being active for us, name issues that were brought to my attention and some other inside problems. Below is some info:

What Will Happen to Paradisair?
We have made offers to other VA’s (not saying which) to purchase us as a fully owned subsidiary of them. That means the name will be hoeing away as well as all current operations for other VA’s.

Paradisair will still hold its last remaining event (VA Challenge). It will not change, and will be the last event for Paradisair. Pleas still plan on attending. We want Paradisair to go out with a bang!

What If My VA Operated Under Paradisair? Well, please take all mention of us off your website, as well as taking down the routes we assigned you.

What Were The Name Problems?
It was brought to my attention by an unknown community member that there was a Paradise Air (similar to our name) that did exist and operated routes through Hawaii and did nothing like us. This was one of the final reasons for closing.

What If I Still Have a Question?
Please, submit it as a comment, as someone likely has the same question. I will then add it up here with an answer.

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This is sad to hear. I at least hope for an airline to buy Paradisair and maybe change its name or something.

I do too. Maybe a heritage livery? So far we have had one airline deny to buy us, as it just wouldn’t work out. Still waiting on a response from three of them.

R.I.P Paradisair

Sorry to hear that you have decided to stop the VA after such a short time of operating.

I’ve messaged @hmkane about the possible taking over of the airline so it might stay open!

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