PAPI vs Glideslope not matching?

My question is, shouldn’t the runway PAPI lights be in sync with the runway glideslope? Today I was landing at YSCB (Canberra - Sydney Region) runway 30. The runway is not ILS so really I shouldn’t be getting a proper glideslope but for the purpose of IF and autoland, we get it.

See screenshot 1: my PAPI lights are indicating one red and one white, so I’m on a correct visual glideslope. Note that the glideslope vertical needle indicates my altitude should be MUCH lower…

See screenshot 2 and 3: I have the ILS vertical needle centred, but the PAPI lights are indicating both red, so they’re saying I need to be MUCH higher?

Am I correct in saying the PAPI should match the instrument glideslope? I’ve noticed this difference at a number of different airports?

NOTE: there is a few people on here who will want to come on and critique something about my approach. Please don’t - I know I’m slightly off the centreline, I know my pitch is slightly nose down - I wasn’t interested in the perfect approach and was just using solo mode for this. I was purposely trying to prevent the HUD from blocking any views, whilst fumbling to hold the ‘home’ and ‘lock’ buttons on my iPad to take the screenshots.

You would think it should but you would think it would have a localized either so who knows. :)

I believe we can’t edit any properties of those “fake” glideslopes Matt put in, but the airport editors research what the actual angle should be and they correctly adjust each approach light system accordingly. That way a “fake” GPS approach that should be 3.5º in real life is only 3º in Infinite Flight (the standard, unchangeable angle set by Matt), but the approach lights would be set for 3.5º.

I could be wrong on this but that’s my best guess based on my experience. @carmalonso would know better.


@Swang007 that makes sense. From memory (and conveniently the Airservices Australia website server seems to be down right now so I can’t check) the approach angle for runway 30 was 3.7 degrees from memory.

thanks for the explanation. This topic can prob be closed, or moved out of the bugs section I guess?

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There we go! Case closed! Thanks

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