Papi lights

sorry, can you explay how can I use Papi Lights to find a right Vs to land? thanks

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Most airports have 4 papi lights to determine if you are at the right height for the Glideslope (G/S). To be on the perfect G/S the papi lights should show 2 red 2 white, or if there’s just 2 papi lights then 1 red and 1 white, if there’s more white then you are too high i.e 2white 0 red or 3/4 white and 1/0 red.

On the other hand 2R and 0W or 3/4R and 1/0W indicate you are too low!

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Just to add on this great explanation, in IF we only have two lights. So one red and one white is on the glideslope. I always remember it by White:Wayyyy too high, Red: Ready to crash


Or simply,
white ==> Too High
white + red ==> Sweet Spot
red ==> Too Low

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tanks everyone


Even if you are too low or too high you can still land. It doesn’t mean you have to go around. 9/10 when I land in the sim the PAPI lights don’t read 1 red 1 white. If you are too low then try to make your rate of descent shallower and if you are too high then try to slightly increase your rate of descent

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