PAPI lights

I couldn’t find the answer anywhere on the forum so I make this topic.

Let’s say you are at about 3500ft on the glideslope en there is a aircraft (Aircraft A) in front of you on short final at about 300ft. You are a little bit high on the glideslope and the papi lights should indicate 3 white and 1 red. But aircraft A is a little bit low and it indicates for him 3 red and 1 white. So my question is: When you are high but the aircraft in front of you is low on the glideslope would the papi lights indicate 3 red or 3 white? Or do the papi lights indicate differently for each person?

Papi lights indicate differently for each aircraft depending on altitude.


I guess your question relates to how it is implemented in IF. In real life, of course, they depend on the height of each individual plane, as it is the angle of the plane to the light that will determine whether the pilot sees red or white.

In IF it is only VASIs (only two lights) that render, and this is what they mean.
One red, one white: you’re all good
Two red: you’re too low
Two white: too high

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The PAPI indicates differently for each aircraft depending on the view point:

That’s actually quite amazing, I never knew that. Thanks


PAPI lights aren’t automatic

Too red: You’re dead :v


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