Papi lights question

Why isn’t there a 4 lights papi flight system. If there was it would make approaching in a 747 so much more realistic. Right now in IF there is only 2. Why is this.

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It is 2-light PAPI only from the beginning. While I wouldn’t expect lighting systems been touched in any way before project metal is well established this will not change for a while. On the other hand I am pretty sure that we will get a 4 light Papi system as soon as lighting will be developed after “metal”


Ok. (Other things to say)

Ik how to use papi lights. But for a 747 it is 3 white 1 red for glide slope.

IF does not support 4 lens PAPIs. The correct configuration however is adjusted by the Airport Editing Team correctly. But feel free to vote for them here.

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