Papi lights (housing)

Hello everyone

I’d like to make a feature request about the Papi lights (housing). Not sure what you call them but you can see them in the picture below what I mean. And since we already have 3D Buildings it would make sense to add them now.

Why I want this

  • Mainly becouse of realism since it would add a bit or relism to IF.
  • And would look way more better than having 2 dots floating above the ground

Let me know what you think of this idea.


Sorry if this is a duplicate. I couldn’t find another topic about this.

I don’t think it’s a priority for now but yeah, why not !

Yes good idea! I would like to have them too 👍🏻✈

With the recently announced changes to the feature request category, this feature no longer meets the following criteria:

  • 3D airport/object requests are currently not allowed (including airports, ATC facilities, buildings and objects etc.)

Due to this, this feature request has been closed and all votes returned to their users so that they can be used to vote on other features they would like to see in-app. For more information on what is permitted, please visit the About the Features Category.