PAPI Lights are Too Dark

The Glide slope indicators (PAPI) are very faint until you are a few hundred feet away from them. Can this issue be resolved? My apologies if this topic has already been posted.


Do you mean the lights (PAPI) or the actual indicator inside the plane?

I find the indicator within the plane very accurate while the PAPI are not very accurate until a few hundred meters, I just see the red…

Yes (PAPI). Real runways have a much brighter (PAPI). Usually visible from miles away.

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What conditions are you flying in? If it’s foggy they won’t be visible until you’re closer and at night you’ll see them best.

Clear skies. Daylight is understandable but even at night its barely visible until about 100 feet from the ground.

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Yes, I agree, this needs to be fixed.

I have found this a problem too. Itll be especially helpful at LCY if the glidescope is still wonky.

Moved to General category since this isn’t really a support related topic, and more a feedback or request topic.


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