PAPI light giving false indication at LXGB?

So I just finished an approach into RW09 at Gibraltar. Not so satisfying. When I turned to final the PAPI light was all red showing me being too low. I reduce my descent rate but the 4 red persists. Finally at about 1 nm from threshold my eyes told me that I need to descend at 1000fpm or I’ll miss this approach. So I ignored the PAPI, which was red during the entire approach, and landed.
Is this an issue? Or is there anything special about this approach profile?

A picture showing me actually above the glide path when the PAPI indicating below


Sometimes i notice such problem in other airports where the GS indication shows that you’re low but the PAPI lights show that you’re on the correct vertical profile… I have noticed this discrepancy a lot lately

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LXGB is not a good example at all. It has no ILS. And the proceedings have a 4.9deg glidepath, wich is what the PAPI is adjusted to in IF at the moment.

For other Airports discrepancies between visual PAPI and ILS glidepath usually came from different touchdown points they are assigned to.
The PAPI is placed by airport editor using satellite images. The ILS touchdown point is calculated in processing the airport by IF-LLC by a standard offset to threshold, that might fit or not.

As a third option either GP angel or PAPI angel in database might be wrong in some individual cases.

For LXGB I will check the official documents and may adjust it if requires.


Ok, I have set the PAPI glideslope to the realworld value, but I highly suggest to every pilot checking for the approch charts before flying to it. It is a stepped approch with a short final and PAPI are only valid last 3 nm.
Change will be in next airport update cycle.



Airport Editors to the rescue!