PAPI (4-light-system)

This topic is to suggest the implementation of the PAPI lights and replace the APAPI that we already have in Infinite Flight!.
As you know, The PAPI system (L-880, FAA specifications) is
consisting of four elements located
usually on the left side of the runway (seen in
the sense of the approach) and This systems will be used in both day and night operations.

It is important and it would be very helpful to change this system in Infinite Flight since, it is more complete and more effective, it would also give more realism and make the simulator better and more complete, since most airports have this system of 4 lights as a visual aid.image

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Hey, great request! Feel free to vote here:


Yes, thank you very much, I already knew of the existence of that request, that’s why only I had published it in GENERAL

If you knew of the request’s existence, you could’ve just voted on that instead of making a duplicate :p
It’s got a decent chance as it had gained serious traction within the first few hours and days ;)

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That… would be included in this?


That will mostly come through Project Metal which is currently in it’s development.

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Hahaha love you! ❤️✈️👌

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