Paper Plane Models REMADE

Here is where you can talk about paper plane models! Have you made any?

This was remade from the original which was under general. Now i can post in Real World Aviation

Hey! How does this fall into #real-world-aviation?:)

And yeah, no need to spam IFC with multiple not needed topics:)

Have a great day,

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last time I was told not to put in general so i guess put it here

This weekend Im trying to make one (very detaild) would be a cool project!

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I’m not 100% positive where to go with this one…It’s kind of aviation related, but it would fit in more somewhere that folk are interested in finding paper.

If only someone had already thought of it…

P.s. I think this belongs somewhere else rather than RWA, however I have no idea where! Doesn’t bother me having it as a part of our community though:)


I have to agree with @artem_f … It’s great that you’re trying to be active in the community, but making multiple topics with little substance isn’t the way to go about it. We’re here to help you learn buddy!

I might be wrong, and if so, please forgive me!

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