Paper Plane Models (CLOSED)

Here is where you can talk about paper plane models! Have you made any?

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I haven’t made any paper airliners, but I have my own special paper airplane with features taken from airliners. :)

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Soon to be paper model of my Fictional Airline FlyXEG A320NEO


what do you mean???

You know, the paper planes that are meant for throwing, not sitting on a shelf

yes but not the throwing type.

For a while now, I’ve actually been trying to work at folding a throwing paper airplane that looks like an airliner but still flies well. I guess I could post major updates here.

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yes youcan oooh look

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i found this



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I’m going to try to fold my current model now and post a picture here. (At the moment, it doesn’t look that much like an airliner. Maybe a little bit like a futuristic airliner? I’m working on making it better.)

interesting go ahead

Hmmmmm. Paper planes that look like real planes tend to just nosedive, would be cool if u could get it to work!

my version can fly about 30cm and then just nosedive into the ground. their quite good for games though. Who can land it on the base?

A basic paper airplane turns into this in 9 extra folds

If the conditions are right (indoors, no drafts, etc.), this thing glides like a beast!
Normally I use notebook college-ruled paper though because it’s lighter than this normal printer paper, but I don’t have any notebook paper with me right now, so I just used this paper.

My attempt at split winglets:

Nice it looks good.!!

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You should try add a livery

Please only use #general for IF related topics, thanks :)