Paper Checklists for IF

Hello community what I am going to show you i am not offending anybody but I think everybody is fimiliar with these checklist ?correct?image image
Well I like them and I have used them but I would like to take it to realism and have a checklist paper and I don’t know if anybody has made it for infinite flight like this


But before I get u confused I don’t want it that literal I want like what I showed u image but in this version

Hope it’s not confusing


There’s a 3rd party app with checklists for each aircraft… if that’s what you’re askibg about.

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Sorry I want something in paper so I can connect to a clipboard

I think he mean he wonders if people have made more complex checklists with V1,VR ect. Tables.


I think a good way to do that is to write out all the crucial information yourself becuase in my opinion, it’s best if you do it yourself

Ok, so, no one (to my knowledge) has made a paper copy of IF checklists. However, if you want a printed version (Which is kinda pointless is you have the IF Checklists app), just take the procedures, make a custom checklist in Microsoft word or something and just print it. Or you could download the app mentioned above.


I have got a lot of reply’s to do my own Checklist but I was wondering if someone can teach me a way to start (what headlines and etc.)!

Hey there! I’m the developer of IF Checklists, which offers nine, aircraft-specific checklists for Infinite Flight, along with many more features. As far as I know, the take-off performance - maximum STOL and climb and cruise data are not included in the checklists, but in the flying manual. If you are looking for data like V1, Vr, V2, I would recommend to check out @epaga’s speed table, which covers a big majority of the aircrafts already.

Regarding the climb and cruise data, IF Checklists Plus offers VMO/MMO speeds (Maximum Operating Limit Speed) for all aircrafts present in Infinite Flight.
Also, if you really want to create your own checklist, keep in mind you will have to create multiple checklists for all the aircrafts you use in Infinite Flight. IF Checklists does this for you, saving you hours of work. Give it a try, and let me know what you think. :)

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IF Checklists is worth checking out. It has Checklists which are suited to every aircraft in the game including the newest ones😉😀

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Very nice. I am going to use this in my future flights
Thank you

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