Paparazzi Pilot | Corfu [LGKR] | 11 July, 2020

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last spotting topic. Now with some countries starting to open up and the summer holidays in full swing, air traffic is picking up and more people are traveling. Just over two weeks ago, I spent two weeks on the Greek island of Corfu. Corfu airport is known for its short runway and scenic approach. On the 11th of July, I headed down to the airport to do some spotting. Below are some of the best pictures I got.

A head on view of runway 34 with the highest point of Corfu in the background. The aircraft must perform a steep take off and with a sharp left hand turn just seconds after departure to avoid the mountain. It’s an extremely fun experience for an avgeek.

The first departure I saw was this Condor A321-211 on its way back to Frankfurt. It’s mind blowing how close one was able to get to the runway. Due to this, I constantly kept on changing lenses whenever an aircraft departed or landed.

A head on view of a Tui B737-800 entering the backtrack for runway 34.

A wave can go a long way. As this Laudamotion A320 came head on, my family and I started to wave and the captain whacked out his phone and took a picture of us. The first officer also waved back.

Captured from under the approach path of runway 34, this picture shows a Tui B737-800 flying roughly 150ft over the ground as it’s just seconds away from touching down on Greek soil.

A rather shiny Ryanair B737-8AS over the threshold for runway 34.

A rare sight these days. A Tui B737-700 in the old Tui livery. Does anybody notice something off about this aircraft? Guess in the comments!

Last but not least is this close up shot of this CFM56-5B engine which is attached to HB-IJU, an Edelweiss A320-214 which was my ride back to Zürich.

Thank you for viewing my pictures! If you have any feedback, feel free to let me know. Enjoy your day!


Adding Corfu to the list of Greek airports I’m going to spot at next year oh my.


Great shots!!

Ooohhhh, where are ya landing lights buddy

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Plus she’s got some duct tape on the #1 engine.

I didn’t notice the lights until you pointed it out. 😂


don’t you mean speed tape?

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Whatever that stuff is. 😂


looks cool tho for some reason

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wow very beautiful photos!!!

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All I can say is


Amazing photos!

He was probably turning em off right when you were taking the shot. Nice timing 🤩

Such cool pictures from one of the most scenic places in Europe, just amazing!
I also really love islands and leisure airlines…
Great detail picture of the Edelweiss A320 as well!

And regarding (your question on) D-ATYH:

The livery is actually not the old TUIfly livery, but the old TUI Nordic livery, as the airframe got transferred to TUIfly and hasn’t been repainted since as far as I am aware ;)

And it seems to have additional lights, which I never knew and don’t really understand the reason for, very interesting find!

And not missing: Thanks for sharing!


Absolutely smashed it! Thank you for sharing that information about D-ATYH, very interesting. Also thank you for the kind words!

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Looking fire!!! 🔥🔥

All I could see was a replaced nose cone, good catch!

And excellent photos Nick!


Thank you all for the comments! I really appreciate the kind words!

Always wanted to visit Corfu and spot. This topic explains why. Love these shots, Nick!

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Just WOW! these shots are awesome 👏🏼

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What do you use to spot?

Splendid photos! I wanna go to Corfu now

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