Papa Westray - The World's Shortest Flight (Ready For Release!)


Today I come to you with a new airport named Papa Westray. You might have heard about this airport as it is one of the two airports that make up the worlds shortest flight. I have been working on the airport for a few days and have made slow progress, but after picking up the pace the airport is really starting to come alive.

Learn More About the Flight and Airport:

Here are some wonderful videos I used for reference on the airport:

And Wikipedia’s article:


Where is Westray?

Currently, I’m at a stage where I can’t work on two airports at once, so I have not been able to work on Westray. However, it is safe to say Westray will be my next airport unless someone else takes it.


If you want to join IFAET and edit airports like this one, you can apply with this link:

Just a small note: Please don’t comment on this thread with requests for airports or saying which airport you wish would come to infinite flight next. Let’s keep the thread on-topic about the Papa Westray and Westray airports.

wow impressive, don’t understand why people need a 54 second flight unless they need to fly out to their driveway though lol

Thanks! The flight mainly acts as a ferry for the residents of the islands, the other options are too slow or expensive. I think one of the linked videos explains it better.

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i would think flying would be more expensive, but then again, by boat or train outdoes the twin-otter

I saw the video and it explains it well.

The airline that operates the route gets government subsidiaries, so the fares are quite cheep.

Good work with papa westray, it will be great to fly the worlds shortest flight when this airport is 3D

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For thos want to know more about this route:
Wikipedia has a article

Hello everyone,

I am proud to say that Papa Westray is now Ready For Release! The airport will come in a future update.