Pans, Closeups and more! | @KDEN,KPHX | 10/21-10/25

We’re back with another spotting topic!
This topic is a little different than my previous topics. I tried a different technique called “panning” which is kinda hard if you don’t know what your doing. I tried it for the first time with a few of these shots. Some of the other shots in this topic are close ups and the rest are the boring side angle. So we have a variety of shots from Denver and Phoenix from my trip I took this past weekend.

Here we have a United 737-800 arriving from Montana I believe wearing the new livery. I’m personally a fan of the new livery.

Here’s an American Airlines Boeing 737-800 wearing the old AA chrome livery. I really love the chrome livery it’s pretty sleek. This plane is headed down south to Miami

Here’s an American A321 pushing back and starting its engines heading down to Dallas

Here’s probably my best shot from PHX in terms of quality. Night spotting is very hard to do especially with my camera that I have. This American A319 is headed up to Sin City while rolling down 26 at PHX

Here’s a United 777-200 taxiing to gate B42 after arriving from Chicago O’Hare

Here is one of my pans from Denver that turned out not bad. It’s a CRJ 200 taxiing to it’s gate on the east side of the concourse.

Here’s a United 737-900er rolling down 26 at PHX heading to Denver

This CRJ700 is taxiing out to 26 for departure out of PHX. I can’t be the only one who likes CRJ700/900

Finally here’s a Mesa Airlines CRJ900 seconds from touchdown on 26 at PHX.
Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel t4i
Lenses: Sigma 100-400mm
Editing: Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop and Topaz DeNoise

Photography Pages: (don’t need to sign in to view. Just click the link to view)


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When were these taken?

PHX was on the 25th of October and DEN was the 21st of October

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You came to PHX without telling me? how could you… …

Anyway fantastic pictures!

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maybe a bit more frontier next time…BUT OMG I LOVE DENVER. FORGET ABOUT PHONIX

Hey, person who was there same day as me! 😂

Haha thanks!


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